We are a team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, giving a new and clear meaning to the lab grown diamond. It is important for us to contribute to the industry with our new technologies, products, and collaborations.

Wonder CVD

Our brand was founded by the biggest R&D center of technological company Wonder CVD wondercvd.com.

Upscaling R&D investments, we research and develop new innovative solutions, upgrading equipment, creating conditions to reach outstanding results.

And for our solutions we find effective real-world applications.

We are ready to change existing diamond

consumption philosophy


We are able to produce diamonds which have identical chemical and physical properties as their natural analogues.

In Future

In the foreseeable future, our product will become a new element of everyday life among modern generations.


We guarantee the perfect sourcing of our diamonds and introduce to the consumer the environmentally friendly material of the future, the perfect base - the lab-grown diamond diTM.

Scientific infrastructure, production power supply of Wonder CVD, and outstanding marketing team of Wonder Diamond allow us to control the full cycle of product creation, starting with wide researches and inventions ending with sales of jewellery pieces.

Ultra-sophisticated and supervised technologies for the growth of a diTM make reach of our diamonds unique.

Our mission

To bring into the real life the mathematical perfection of the Universe in a natural and gentle union with our planet and give the true meaning to the lab-grown diamond.


How we work




What we want to insipre


How we do our collaborations

We live in a different times, and we are here to break into the present, as carriers of a stronger era. We are here to leave our imprint in order to get the perfect product — new eternal value. We are driven by passion to see future created by our own hands.

Team WD

Join us on the way to the great improvements,

which will change our world.

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