Diamond di TM

Carat 0.35 ct
Colour E
Clarity VS1
$ 150
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diTM advantages
Custom design


Exceptional quality


The color of a diamond is graded on a scale from D to Z. We create diamonds of the highest grades: D, E, F, G, H.



The quality of the cut provides the desired brilliance to the diamond. Each of our di is сut by hands. All our diamonds are not lower than Very Good Cut grade*

*high quality cut accepted worldwide


Almost all diamonds have small inclusions. Defects that form during the growth of a diamond which makes each gem unique.

The selection criteria for our diamonds range from IF-SI. Defects that are present in our diamond do not affect its color, brightness and cannot be distinguished without gemological equipment.


Diamond size is measured in carats. A carat is equal to 1/5 gram.

Our offer is formed by gems of 5 carat groups. Each of our diamond is unique. We simplified the selection by selecting diamonds with the optimal price-quality ratio, which takes includes color, clarity, cut and gem weight. If you are interested in diamonds of other sizes and characteristics, we can help as well. Our stock has diamonds of other characteristics as well.

Clear pricing

We work without brokers, providing you a diamond without dealership margins.

Lab grown diamond certification

It is given according to the same standards as the certification of a mined diamond. We provide a certificate for each of our diamonds from 1ct and, upon an additional request, for other gems.


We provide the certificate to a diamond according to the place of origin of the gem.


If for some objective reasons you are forced to sell our diamond, we are ready to buy it back.

Perfect origin

Created by Wonder Technologies Lab www.wondercvd.com. The full process of diamond creation is supervised by our specialists.

diTM has no past and does not carry superseded templates. You become the first owner of a diamond with pure history.

There are over 1000 diamonds of different colors and characteristics including the highest - D/IF

Time to create

Are you ready to create?

It's simple. Embody your fantasies. Create any jewelry with the designer from our community.

01. Choose

A diamond and its characteristics

02. Put into action

your wish with the designer

03. Follow

the unique style with diTM

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